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Taking care of a senior family member for a long period of time can take its toll on your life emotionally as well as financially. Besides, you can’t spend your day taking care of them without worrying about how the bills will be paid. Taking help of adult care services can be quite beneficial in such a scenario, especially since you can be sure that you left a professional in your stead to take care of your loved ones.

Depending on the condition of the older adult you care for, different services are offered that require the expertise of trained individuals. Here are three types of adult care services that are commonly offered. 

Personal Care Services

These services cover hand-on care of individuals who are physically or mentally handicapped and can’t take care of themselves without assistance. Usually provided by trained and certified nursing staff, these services include assistance with routine tasks such as bathing, bathroom care, cooking, feeding, grooming, hair care, laundry and cleaning.

Alzheimer’s Care Services

Patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease require special care as well as assistance. Depending on the condition of your loved one, the nature of these services can vary. If the patient requires assistance with personal care, the services are provided accordingly. However, some patients might just require supervision and companionship in order to stay safe. Keep in mind that you should only trust professionals who are specifically trained for taking care of these patients when it comes to dementia or Alzheimer’s care.

Shopping Services

For senior citizens or disabled individuals who are unable to run their day-to-day errands, shopping and errand services can be quite beneficial. Anything they need to get done can be included in a list and the personnel from the adult care services center will get these things to their doorstep. This way, they won’t have to wait for someone to come back home before they can get what they need.

About Comprehensive Home Care
Unlike other home care agencies in Charlotte NC, we are a family run agency and our relationships with one another are incredibly important to us.  It is not always easy to juggle familial roles with work roles but we have learned communication is the key to success.
When we serve a client and their families we apply the same logic.  We adopt our home care clients into our family and want to build a strong relationship with each and every one of them based on effective communication and respect.  We ask a lot of questions so that we can fully understand each client’s needs and wants and fulfill them with the best possible care in the best possible way for both the client and his or her family.  We believe this focus on relationships sets us apart from other Charlotte home care businesses. 

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