4 Signs that Your Loved One Needs Home Care

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4 Signs that Your Loved One Needs Home Care

Knowing that a loved one lives on their own can be pretty worrisome. The thing is, with some of your friends or relatives, it is hard to want this type of service and for them to accept it. So many people from the generation before us only knew to take care of themselves, with or without someone living with them. Not that we do not know how to do that ourselves, however, they have been so used to doing it that taking things away from them, like their freedom, is like taking their life away.

That same stubborn ability is something that they take pride in and will not ask for help, even if they know they need it. In these cases we, as loving family members, would step in to try to assist. Whether it would be to lend that helping hand of our own, or hiring a help home care assistant, they may fight it a bit. However, this may be the time to intervene and make sure that our loved one is living the life they should be living. Here are 4 signs that your loved one needs home care.


One of the things that can overcome someone that lives alone is the fact that they may not be able to maintain their living quarters like they should. When you walk into a loved one’s domains and it smells like someone just dropped some of the muskiest clothes all over the place, then something must be done. From dishes to laundry, your family member may need help maintaining their everyday needs on their own. Hiring a home care assistant will be the best bet for them.

Balancing life.

In most cases, when your older relatives or family friends live on their own, they may become a danger to themselves by not being able to have that one person assist them to walk from place to place. If someone that continues to get older begins to develop a case of vertigo or maybe a low version of Alzheimer’s, this is enough to warrant someone’s assistance.

Medication alert.

With home care, we can have your assigned help remind your family member of their medication intake. Sometimes, even the smallest things, like taking medication can be a big deal if forgotten.

Company time.

At this point, I do not mean work time of someone from the company to come and tell your family member about their company, but rather have the home care assistant keep your family member company, even if for a little bit. Having someone to talk to, even if for a bit, can be a great deal for them. It is something they will definitely cherish.

Here at Comprehensive Home Care, we can afford that assistance needed to watch over your loved one. Our professional staff will not only provide excellent customer service to start your family member’s care, but continue your well frame of mind. Visit us at https://comprehensivenc.com/ for more information and give us a call today.

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