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Comprehensive’s Home Care in Charlotte NC is the ideal solution for elderly or disabled individuals who want to maintain their independence and dignity by continuing to live in the comfort of their own homes.  Our caregivers are wonderful, dedicated Certified Nursing Assistants with a variety of experience with Home Care in Charlotte NC.  All have undergone background checks, reference checks, DMV checks and complete a curriculum before beginning work.  Our caregivers also continue their education throughout the year.

There are various terms associated with caregivers among  home care in Charlotte NC, usually this has to do with their level of education.  A Home Aide or Companion is not required to have certification do to the duties associated with those caregiver roles, usually only a Personal Care Aide is required to be a Certified Nursing Assistant.  At Comprehensive Home Care all of our caregivers are Certified Nursing Assistants in good standing with the North Carolina Board of Nursing.

At Comprehensive Home Care the terms we use are Companion Aide and Personal Care Aide.  The following is a basic outline of what these roles are and the basic services associated with each role.

A Companion Aide provides help for the chores you can no longer do for yourself.  A Companion Aide will help with chores such as:

  • provide hygiene assistance
  • provide respite for family caregivers
  • supervise ambulation and help prevent falls
  • medication reminders
  • assist in choosing appropriate clothing
  • dust
  • vacuum
  • clean the bathroom
  • change linens
  • do laundry
  • clean the kitchen
  • prepare  and serve meals according to dietary restrictions
  • assist/prepare shopping & to do lists
  • shop and run errands
  • help with correspondence to family and friends
  • provide socialization and support for the client
  • go on walks; encourage and participate in physically stimulating activities according to the clients ability
  • provide conversation directed at stimulating awareness through discussion of current and family events
  • remind client of appointments and maintain calendars, remind of birthdays and special events
  • facilitate socialization through meeting with friends, escorting clients to organizations or events
  •  plant care
  •  pet care
  • provide socialization and support for the client

A Personal Care Aide does all of the above but is also able to assist with additional activities such as:

  • bathing and grooming
  • dressing, morning and evening personal duties,
  • assist clients in getting in and out of shower,
  • help with incontinence
  • assist in walking and balancing
  • provide Alzheimer’s care
  • remind client of medication times
  • remind  client of and arrange appointments

Ultimately, these are just examples home care services in Charlotte NC we provide.  Your or your loved ones home care plan will be one we develop with you to specifically meet your wants and needs for home care in Charlotte NC.

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