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Comprehensive can provide a variety of long term and short term comprehensive adult services ranging from full time care to part time help around the house. We can provide services on a permanent arrangement or as a temporary service in the event of emergency or much needed respite.

As the best home care services in Charlotte NC, we offer custom tailored programs that will fit your needs, and the needs of your loved one.

Comprehensive means just that – everything. Adults with limited mobility often experience depression and frustration which can lead to a deterioration of an existing condition or slow the healing process. Let us take the worries away and leave you with a renewed sense of independence. We can assist with day to day care such as bathing, dressing, and grooming. Allow us to provide you with medication reminders and travel to and from your doctor’s appointments. Don’t let the work build up while you heal. We will take care of the house for you. Don’t let simple tasks like dusting and vacuuming slow you down. Cleaning the bathroom and changing the linens can become an impossible task while you are in the healing process. We can take care of that for you. Pets and plants are part of the family, and we will be happy to care for them. We have many years of experience assisting clients with medical conditions and dietary restrictions. We can provide comprehensive care that is tailored to your needs. High blood pressure? Diabetes? Gluten Allergy? Meal planning and cooking are no problem. We will happily help you make your shopping list and do your shopping for you.

Are you the caretaker? Are you overwhelmed? Are you getting behind in your day to day life? Is there a doctor’s appointment you can’t attend due to outside responsibilities? Allow us to provide one of our highly trained caregivers to make sure that your loved one arrives safely and on time. Let us lessen your load and provide care for the day, or simply a few hours.

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