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Signs it is time to get in home assistance for a loved one.

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Caring for elderly and disabled family members can be a burden on anyone. We love our family members and often want to get what is best for them in terms of care. At times we may try to take on more than we can truly handle in caring for others. The following are common signs that it is time to considering looking into reliable Charlotte home care for your loved one.   You find yourself feeling overwhelmed.   When you begin to invest more time into looking after a loved one the pressures of maintaining both your life and theirs can begin to overwhelm most people. Spending time and combining errands can help reduce some of the stress, but when your life feels consumed by care giving it is time to reevaluate your situation. There are many wonderful companies, such as Comprehensive Home Care Charlotte NC, that can provide excellent home care services. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and this sense of community is also true when it comes to caring for elderly and disabled family members. Many times in multiple children families, the care of the parents can be divided amongst the siblings. In some instances though, when there is not enough help, the strain can end up doing more harm than good.   You worry to the point of distraction.   If you find yourself worrying to the point of being constantly distracted, it is also a sign to seek help. Aside from normal difficulties that arise with aging, mental diseases that become more frequent can cause family members to worry. Dementia can present all new risks, in addition to the looming potential for harm from common activities. When you cannot be with family members who are struggling with dementia, you can feel conflicted and worry incessantly for their health and safety. It is imperative to find reliable dementia home care in the Charlotte NC area. You need caregivers who can treat them like they are family and give you the peace of mind you deserve.   Sometimes admitting you need help can painful.   There are some people who would do anything for their aging or disabled loved ones. The thought of strangers taking care of them does not sit well, yet it is more than they can handle. Dementia, or any other type of mental disorder, can increase the challenge of providing care dramatically. While many convince themselves they are the only one who can do it properly, the truth of the matter is, when you are honest with yourself you realize its not fair. For yourself and for them, trying to live your life and oversee theirs is not fair to either of you. Quality standard and dementia home care, in the Charlotte NC area, is easily available. With the help of a caregiver you can let go some of the burden and improve not only the quality of your life, but of theirs as...

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The many ways dementia affects the lives of Charlotte NC residents.

Posted by on Nov 19, 2014 in Alzheimer's Disease Home Care, Caregiver Charlotte NC, CHC News | Comments Off on The many ways dementia affects the lives of Charlotte NC residents.

Dementia is one of the disorders common among aging patients. It affects all the main areas of life; cognitive, functional, behavioral and psychological. For many people,  it may become severe enough to warrant needing dementia home care. The reason assistance will ultimately be needed, in one form or another, is that the effects can impact not just the individual, but the entire family as well. Cognitive degeneration due to dementia. The impact on cognitive function displays some of the most notable traits associated with dementia patients. Those suffering from it can begin to loose recognition of people and places. Memories become blurred, distorted, or missing entirely. Short term memory becomes weak and inconsistent as well. Dementia patients can forget where they live, their phone number, and even seem so muddled at times they are unsure who they even are. Dementia home care providers in the Charlotte NC area can help families and patients cope with these issues and provide security and support that allows families to have peace of mind. A decline in a patient’s functional capacity can mean mobility issues. Every day tasks, such as grooming, cleaning, and eating can become difficult. A loss in fine motor skills can make some activities, such as cooking, dangerous. Slowed reactions and clouded cognitive abilities can lead to many dementia patients being injured or killed without proper supervision. While many opt to transfer loved ones into managed care facilities, companies such as Comprehensive Home care of Charlotte, NC offer dementia home care services that are a much more comfortable and affordable alternative. They can provide an option for families to feel better knowing their loved ones are being looked after in the comfort and privacy of their own home. How dementia affects the behavioral health of sufferers. Dementia patients lose most of their social skills that they developed growing up into functioning adults. Coping mechanisms for emotions and proper responsiveness to stimuli vanish. This can lead to dementia patients being verbally and physically aggressive at times. Coping with a frustrated dementia patient can be too much for loved ones. Dementia home care services provide fully trained professionals who can help deal with these types of issues in a calm and effective manner. Dementia has the greatest personal impact on the patient’s psychological state. Dementia can lead to extreme changes in personality, anxiety, paranoia, depression, frustration, mood swings, aggression and loss of the will to live or do much in general. Understanding how it can feel to be trapped inside yourself, somewhere deep inside and knowing that something is wrong but still being powerless to control anything anymore, is important for anyone giving dementia home care services. No one likes to feel helpless of forgetful. For people who lived long and robust lives where they accomplished a lot of personal goals, having that independence and ability stripped away through a mental haze can be devastating. Knowing how to cope with the loss of one’s mental faculties is something that only those properly trained are equipped to deal with....

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How your loved one can retain a sense of independence through old age.

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When it comes to facing the challenges of aging, one of people’s biggest fears is loosing their independence. No one wants to give up what they worked so hard far as an adult. The freedom of living on your own and taking care of yourself is one of the most treasured things that younger people may take for granted. Seniors on the other hand are often faced with difficult choices between safety and independence. For aging residents in the Charlotte, NC area, there is an alternative to retiring into a senior home. Comprehensive Home Care of Charlotte, NC. A provider of at home services, Comprehensive allows your loved ones to remain in their own home and still receive the assisted care they need. From simple chores around the home to help with bathing and other light personal needs, such as tying shoes, home health aides can make the little things possible. They can help cook meals and perform light house keeping that has become impossible for elderly bodies to keep up with. Preserving dignity is one of the greatest benefits. Beyond being able to stay active and live at home, its the fact that doing so allows most to people to retain a sense of dignity that having to live at a facility can strip away. Even embarrassing moments such as assistance with dressing can be made less stressful with the privacy of being at home. No one enjoys loosing the ability to perform daily life activities, no matter their age. Home care services can allow you and your family to retain a sense of pride and comfort. Charlotte home care providers can also help with dementia patients. One of the biggest issues affecting many elderly today is dementia.  Dementia home care can cover just about all levels of the disease. From mild cognitive issues to wildly unstable mental states, dealing with the disorder can impact the entire family. Often times people feel the only recourse for the safety of their loved one is to consign them to a senor care facility. However, in many instances, having an at home care provider can be a much better solution both financially and emotionally. Specially trained and qualified individuals can watch over your family member and provide not only safety management but companionship as well. Home care providers are not just for the elderly. Residents of all ages in the Charlotte NC area can benefit from home care services. From those who have become disabled through disease or injury, to those pregnant and needing temporary assistance, home care services can help people remain at home without having to give up their dignity, comfort, and freedom. Many people have found that home care services are a truly affordable alternative to residing in a care facility. The range of ways they can help is near limitless, from simple reaching tall shelves to stopping into cabinets at ground level. For those those who have become limited in mobility, having an extra set of hands and legs is that allows you to stay home can feel...

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How To Cope With an Aging parent

Posted by on Oct 22, 2014 in Caregiver Charlotte NC, CHC News, Home Care Charlotte NC | Comments Off on How To Cope With an Aging parent

As your parents age, they tend to get more and more difficult. We’ve all heard the expression “they got difficult in their old age”, but until you are trying to cope with an aging parent, you don’t really understand the intricacies of the saying. Of course, we still love them, and will do almost anything for them, but it is still okay to admit that an aging parent can be immensely difficult to deal with. Today we’re going to give you a few tips for coping with an aging parent. Put Time Aside for You The first tip has little to do with your parents, and more with you. You’re going to be frustrated and tired and irritated with your parents at times. What you want to avoid is being in that emotional state all the time. You can prevent yourself from becoming a tad bit resentful by making sure you take time out for yourself. This doesn’t mean you’re neglecting your parent, of course, just that you take a break from it from time to time when you can. Don’t Let Them Get You Down A parent with dementia may not remember all the things you do for them, so they may not be as appreciative of what you do as they once might have been. Don’t let that fool you or get you down. They appreciate you; they just can’t do it anymore. People with dementia often experience personality changes, paranoia, and suspicion, which they may unleash on you. You can’t take it personally or you won’t cope very well with the situation and you’ll end up having your own break down. It’s Your Duty When you get to the point where you think you can’t take it any more, remember all the things they did for you when you were young. The bailed you out financially when they could, they were the shoulder you used to cry on when your first crush said no, they were there for you always. Now it is your turn, and it is your duty (as it was theirs) to stand beside them and be as helpful as you can be. Know You Can’t Do Everything Remember that you’re not a god you’re human. You need breaks, and you can’t do everything. There are special home care services for those with dementia, such as Comprehensive Home Care, and it is probably a good idea to get their help if you’re not up to the task. Do what you can, love them, and everything will be okay. That’s what you have to remember, is that time will go on, and that you have to live your life, and do your...

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How to Recognize the Signs of Dementia

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People get older; it is just a fact of life. And as people age, the body starts to experience the signs of that age. One of the things that a lot of people experience is something called dementia. Dementia isn’t actually a disease; rather it is a term that is used to describe the symptoms of several related diseases. For people who haven’t been diagnosed with any of those diseases, however, it is these symptoms that will be the first indicator that something is wrong and that you may have to start looking for Dementia Home Care in Charlotte NC Today we’re going to talk about a few of the signs associated with dementia. Memory Loss This is the most common symptom that falls under the dementia umbrella term. The issue with this is that it doesn’t happen all at once, and everyone has memory lapses from time to time, no matter their age. So at first it may be difficult to see when you or someone you know is experiencing true memory loss due to dementia. The real sign is when the memory loss gets worse. Over time it will escalate and become more noticeable to you and/or your friends and family. If this sign is noticed, a visit to the doctor is required. They will be able to help you figure out exactly what the underlying cause is, and if there is any way to stop or slow the memory loss. Communication Problems Another common sign of dementia is communication problems. Word disassociation, which is the term used for when you can think of a word or a name, is very common amongst people who have dementia. In fact, it is often one of the first signs that something could be wrong. That being said, it is also another symptoms that can be misinterpreted because everyone has the problem from time to time. It is when the problem becomes very frequent that you start to realize something is wrong. Like with memory loss, it is important to seek help as soon as you realize that the communication problems aren’t just normal memory lapses and a serious problem. There are several dementia-like symptoms that can be treated if caught early. Bottom Line There are a few other signs, but those are the two most common. You might also notice loss of the ability to focus or the ability to reason. No matter the cause or the sign, once they are noticed, it is important that you seek help. Once you know what the cause is, you can get help with Dementia Home Care in Charlotte NC, as it is important that you don’t go through this alone....

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Common Signs of Dementia | Dementia Home care in Charlotte NC

Posted by on Sep 24, 2014 in Alzheimer's Disease Home Care, Caregiver Charlotte NC, CHC News | Comments Off on Common Signs of Dementia | Dementia Home care in Charlotte NC

When it comes to understanding what dementia is, most people have a hard time getting their head around understanding that dementia itself isn’t a disease. Instead it is a term that describes symptoms that can be caused by several different diseases. For people who have dementia, or who have family members who do, the definition isn’t as important as receiving care and treatment for the symptoms. That care usually entails getting dementia home care in Charlotte NC. Today we’re going to look at the common signs of dementia so that you can better understand the term. Memory Loss This is the big one. The diseases that cause dementia almost always cause memory loss in some form of fashion. This can be short term or long-term memory, and it can be something that happens all the time or happens only once in while. What determines the severity of the memory loss is the underlying disease. For example, Alzheimer’s disease, which is the number one cause of dementia, has no known treatment, which means that the memory loss might start off small, but will gradually get worse. Personality Changes One of the things not a lot of people who aren’t familiar with dementia might not realize is that it can cause serious shifts in personality. The reasons for this have been studied exhaustively, but it is still a relatively misunderstood symptom.  It isn’t hard, however, to consider the psychological impact memory loss can have on a person. Focus and Mental Agility Another sign of dementia is that a lot of the time a person loses focus or the ability to think through complicated problems. Again, these problems may not be something that is constantly noticed, but may come in infrequent spells. Communication Problems This problem often presents itself with failure to come up with the right word, or saying the wrong word when another was meant. This is something everyone does from time to time, of course, but people with dementia have this problem much more often, and it is often much more frustrating due to the frequency that it occurs. Symptoms Start Slowly We’ve mentioned this a couple times, but it bears repeating. Almost all of the signs and symptoms of dementia are what are called “progressive symptoms”. That means that they start out small (sometimes even unnoticeable), and then gradually get worse and worse. It is very important that you and your loved ones pay attention to the potential signs of dementia, because the earlier you get help, the more likely it is treatment like home care in Charlotte NC will...

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