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Companion care is service provided by an institution to assist a person or an elderly with their daily tasks. The service not only gives a person some time to relax and do other tasks but also assists the senior person when they need a companion just to chat or to spend some time along.


Companion Care program offer services such as;

  • Day care
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Grocery shopping
  • Physical exercises to the elderly
  • Acts as a reminder for important events such as birthdays, thanksgiving and more.
  • Helps improve coordination between young and elderly family members.


With all the services provided, a person on job may focus on his/her duty without constantly worrying about household chores and work. An elder person always has someone assisting them doing their errands, someone to talk to rather than staying all alone and quiet. Common type of companion care is the day care services offered at home or at an institution beneficial for a single parent who also works with no one else to look after their child.

3 Reasons Companion Care Help Loved Ones

There are many reasons which makes companion care a best service for you and your family.

  1. For working persons who have no one else to look after their elderly or small children may opt for this service as it provides a full and part time assistance to their loved ones.
  2. Assist the old and weak person doing their daily task like taking bath, dressing up, cleaning, cooking and also provide medical assistance.
  3. A companion caregiver is essential to provide the elderly and children with their prescribed dietary nutrition within your absence when you’re off to work.


Companion Care Service provider is just the perfect solution for working men and women without them frequently worrying for their children and elderly. They not provide personal care service but also assist you doing household chores and daily hectic tasks. These are skilled professionals trained by the institution in a way to tackle social and household issues. They helps bridge communication gap between the young and elderly by providing guidance as to what they are supposed to do in their absence.


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