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Your father has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Not only will you be dealing with the shock of his illness, you must seek out options for his care. Finding the best home caregiver can seem like a challenge due to the overwhelming amount of information online. Here are the top 3 items to help you find the best in home caregiver in Charlotte NC:

1) Research.
Research will be key when choosing the best in home caregiver in Charlotte NC. There are many different types of home caregivers in the area to look into. Read through their website and try your best to compare apples to apples. Does the home caregiver custom tailor services to fit your needs? Are their home caregivers trained professionals? Do they specialize in specific health issues or services? There are many questions to ask before you make your decision. 

2) Ask for testimonials.
Can the home caregiver provide testimonials from other customers? Ask how they handled specific situations and what options they have available that will help you and your beloved specifically.  A good home caregiver will be able to hand off references or give examples of situations clearly and quickly.

3) Hire the professionals.
 Before you hire your in home caregiver, make sure they are Certified Nursing Assistants in good standing with the North Carolina Board of Nursing. Here at Comprehensive, our staff goes through top of the line and continued training throughout the year. We have very dedicated Certified Nursing Assistants with a variety of experience with Home Care in Charlotte NC.  All have undergone background checks, reference checks, DMV checks and complete a curriculum before beginning work.  Our caregivers also continue their education throughout the year.

If you are looking for a in home caregiver in the Charlotte NC area, please call us at 704-333-5214  or click here to request a Free Home Assessment. We specialize in providing in home care services and custom tailor solutions to fit your needs.

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