Concierge Services

Our Charlotte Concierge home care services are just that, a full service approach to home care.  You set the criteria and we will fill your needs and wishes.  In addition to providing personal and home care services, we also provide the services of a personnel assistant.  Sometimes keeping up with correspondence and appointments, organizing services or activities becomes stressful and tiring, we can take care of those duties in addition to any home care needs you or a loved one may have.  Coordinating communication amongst the appropriate family members and medical providers, keeping up with your calendar – whether appointments or social events, creating your favorite meals or taking care of and coordinating other home maintenance services such as heavy cleaning and lawn care are just a small part of what we will help you with.

Our Charlotte caregivers are licensed Certified Nursing Assistants.  All of our CNA’s providing home care services are insured and bonded, have undergone background checks, annual health screens and training in infectious diseases and bloodborne pathogens.  The caregivers continue their education throughout the year.  For more information about our caregivers please click on the highlighted link above

If this is the type of home care you are seeking for yourself or your loved one, call us and we will create a plan perfect for you.  The following home care services are some examples of how we can assist you.

Special Event Care
Comprehensive Home Care services on the go!  We are happy to provide services at the special events in your and your family’s lives.  We will accompany you and your child to events such as reunions, weddings, concerts, any time you find you may need an extra pair of hands!

Rise & Shine
We will provide home care services to get you up and ready for your day!

Tuck in
Comprehensive Home Care will provide the home care services that settle you in for the evening.

Errands & Transportation
Comprehensive Home Care services include helping you with errands and providing assistance and transportation to appointments.

Live In Care
We are able to provide Live In home care services, 24 hour home care and weekend home care.

Basic Pet Care
Would you like some help walking your pup? Comprehensive Home Care Services will help you with your pet care!

Basic Plant Care
Are you a plant lover?  Comprehensive Home Care services will include taking care of your plants as well!

Surgical Care
We provide pre and post operative care for same day surgeries as well as hospital stay surgeries.  We will pick you up when you are discharged and provide all of the home care services you may require.

Traveling Assistance
Home Care services on the road!  We are happy to accompany you and provide assistance so you or your loved one can rest and relax.

Social and Recreational Activities
Making sure that you still do the things you enjoy is very important to us, after all variety is the spice of life!  Comprehensive Home Care services will accompany and assist you to any of the activities you that interest you.

Shopping Service
We provide shopping and errand services  as part as our home care services.  You make the list and we will do the running!

Entertainment Services
Want to take in a film, concert or go to the museum?  Dinner out or a drive to see the changing leaves?  Comprehensive Home Care services will make this happen for you!

Call us at 704-333-5214  or click here to request a Confidential, Free In-Home Assessment!

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