Personal Care Services

Comprehensive Home Care Charlotte‘s Personal Care home care services are provided by a certified nursing assistant and include but are not limited to the following:

  • assist with bathing and grooming
  • assist with dressing, morning and evening personal duties,
  • assist clients in getting in and out of shower,
  • incontinence care
  • assist in walking and balancing
  • provide Alzheimer’s care
  • remind client of medication times
  • remind  client of and arrange appointments
  • provide hygiene assistance
  • provide respite for family caregivers
  • supervise ambulation and help prevent falls
  • medication reminders
  • assist in choosing appropriate clothing
  • dust
  • vacuum
  •  clean the bathroom
  •  change linens
  • do laundry
  • clean the kitchen
  • prepare  and serve meals according to dietary restrictions
  • assist/prepare shopping & to do lists
  • shop and run errands
  • help with correspondence to family and friends
  • provide socialization and support for the client
  • go on walks; encourage and participate in physically stimulating activities according to the clients ability
  • provide conversation directed at stimulating awareness through discussion of current and family events
  • remind client of appointments and maintain calendars, remind of birthdays and special events
  • facilitate socialization through meeting with friends, escorting clients to organizations or events
  •  plant care
  •  pet care
  • provide socialization and support for the client

As with all of our home care Charlotte services, we will create a plan with the client and his/her family to fulfill their home care needs.

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