School Services

Comprehensive Home Care Charlotte NC provides various home care services that either prepare a client in the morning for school or a day program, or meet and provide home care services in the afternoon once the school day or the day program has ended.  We can also provide aides that will act as attendants and go to school or day programs with our clients.

An idea of morning services:

  • provide assistance with bathing
  • clean the bathroom
  • assist with dressing appropriately for the day
  • make the bed/change linens
  • launder clients linens, clothing as needed
  • prepare breakfast
  • clean up the kitchen
  • transport to school or day program or wait with client for transportation to arrive
  • prepare a cold lunch
  • prepare a boxed lunch if the client is enrolled in school or a day program
  • prepare/pack any other necessities for the day

Afternoon services:

  • Pick up from school or program and transport home or wait for client’s transportation to return client home
  • Assist client in the house
  • Bathe, change clothing if needed
  • prepare snack
  • unpack and clean lunchbox, backpack etc.
  • get started or assist client with homework or other afternoon activity
  • take a walk
  • prepare dinner and assist with eating
  • bathe and prepare for bed

School Assistance

  • assist with preparation for school day
  • if needed can transport to school
  • attend clients personal needs while in school
  • assist with eating snacks and lunch
  • assist with ambulation
  • if needed can transport back home
  • clean up and change clothing if needed
  • assist with bath and evening preparations

As with all of Comprehensive Home Care Charlotte‘s services the home care plan will be created with the client and clients family to best meet their needs

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