How to Help a Loved One with Serious Dementia

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How to Help a Loved One with Serious Dementia

Dealing with any serious illness can be beyond daunting and especially heavy when concerning a loved one. One of the many serious diseases that can create quite a heavy burden amongst those afflicted, and those affected by it, is dementia.

Helping a loved one find peace amongst the fear and immobility that comes with the illness is one of the best ways to show your love for them. Those living with serious dementia need constant attention and care to provide them the necessary support to continue living their lives in the best and most comfortable way possible. One way to do that is to provide home care assistance to them so they can stay where they are comfortable while getting great professional and medical care whenever it may be needed.

Serious dementia affects the cognitive abilities our bodies need to perform everyday functions from impairing routine behaviors like language skills, memory and reasoning to preventing routine activities like dressing and feeding one’s self. This decline in health and bodily control creates a kind of void in the person suffering from dementia that can lead to fearful or paranoid behaviors as well as further health decline. It is important to be aware of how to deal with the disease as well as how to

Here are a few things you could do to help your loved one with the serious stages of dementia:

  • Be patient and accommodating to their changing minds and daily functions.

This step may seem easy when thinking of helping someone you love go through any illness; however, when dealing with dementia, the truth is that the same issues may (and will) continue to occur at a much more persistent rate. For instance, simple tasks like putting away laundry, remembering to perform daily hygienic maintenance, and even remembering who you are sound like simple things for someone who is not dealing with this debilitating illness, but when assisting someone who consistently forgets who you are and needs to re-acclimate to their beloved home and family, that becomes a much more daunting and exhausting task for those who care for their family. Actively practicing patience and being kinder than normal will help to keep the person with dementia from considering you harmful or a stranger when the times come for their memory to fail them.

  • Research and actively seek home care specialists and agencies to provide further support for your loved one.

Now, this one may seem as if you are asking strangers to give you support when you may think you can handle it on your own, but home care agencies are there to support your loved one as much as they are there to support you. It is essential to have all eyes and ears on the person with serious dementia in order to best provide them with the best care and comfort they can get. Their minds need constant supplementary assistance to deter the dementia from moving too rapidly through their minds. If you live in the Charlotte, NC area, a great home care agency to recommend would be Comprehensive Home Care and they provide great support and professional specialists to give you and your loved one the peace of mind that comes with having an extra defense against the fear and isolation that can come with dementia.

  • Join a group or create a close group of those with loved ones suffering from serious dementia as you are.

When someone is going through a rough time, it is always great to gain added support from those who completely understand what you are going through. This support for those caring for a sick loved one ends up helping those with dementia by allowing for new ideas in care to come to light, venting through a rollercoaster of emotions that happen when a loved one is in need of help, and finds new ways to bond with new people in your community. You don’t ever have to go through this alone and neither does your loved one.

Home care helps everyone involved plan better for unexpected issues that may arise and gives further support to those who can’t necessarily do for themselves as they once could. Helping a loved one is top priority, as it should be, for anyone, so take heed to finding out which home care agency and specialist is right for you and, most importantly, your loved one with serious dementia.

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