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Let our qualified caregivers help take care of your family. Normal aspects of every day life can become a struggle for seniors. We provide the best senior adult care in Charlotte NC. No matter the needs of your loved one, we can provide a custom solution tailored to their needs.

Basic hygiene and cleaning can go by the wayside as seniors feel they are putting too much pressure on their loved ones. Let us take their and your stress away. Our caregivers can take the stress out and provide comfort to them and their families. Our caregivers can help with bathing, dressing, hygiene, prepare diet appropriate meals, and help them get around the house.

Let us help them get their independence back in a safe environment. We will be there to remind your loved one to take their medicine, make doctors appointments, and we will happily drive them there. We can help them take care of their home by cleaning the dishes, changing the linens, and doing laundry. As you get older, cleaning the bathroom can easily go from being a chore to becoming a near impossible task. We will make sure that your home meets your standards through cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming.

Pets and plants are another part of the family to us and we will be happy to care for them just as we do your loved one. We are here to provide emotional support through socialization, as well as care! We will go on walks, and play games with your loved one, while maintaining a safe atmosphere.

Never worry about them being home alone again. We can also provide specialized care for clients with Alzheimers or other medical or emergency needs. We will happily escort and or drive them to spend time with friends or events. Let us help prepare your shopping list and we will be happy to go take care of your shopping, or escort you as you make your purchases.

Let us help you get your life back. Get started today:

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