Most Common Challenges The Elderly Face in Transition to Assisted Living

When your parents or grandparents transition into an assisted living facility, they may experience challenges that arise within their first couple of days throughout their first year. It is normal for any aging adult to experience a challenge here or there especially since they are moving into a new environment and they are no longer in their home. If you have a parent or grandparent who is ready to move into an independent care facility, consider the following common challenges so that you can be prepared.

A Loss of Independence

One of the biggest challenges for seniors is they may feel like they are losing their independence. While this is not true, it is common for seniors who are new to the assisted living environment to feel as though they are giving up their life or that they have surrendered themselves.

To overcome this challenge, it is important for you to speak with your loved one and let them know that their life has not changed much other than where they live. Your parent or grandparent will still be able to do the things they love, make their own food, and live their own life. The biggest difference between an assisted living facility and home life is that your loved one will be receiving care when they need it.

Adjusting to Their New Life

Another common challenge that the elderly face is adjusting to their new life. Your family member must understand that they live in a community now and they are not alone. It is common for your loved one to feel as though they are lonely even though they are not. Some elderly residents need time to get used to the changes that are going on from having meals cooked for them to living in a smaller area. It does take time, but they will be able to overcome it and adjust well.

Understanding Change in Their Bodies

Lastly, the elderly are often faced with challenges when it comes to changes that happen in their body. If your family member is going blind or they are losing their mobility, they may begin to feel as though they no longer have independence. Some residents experience outbursts and they do not want to accept the fact that things are changing. This is normal and it is important for you to listen to them and reassure them that they are in the best place for this.

Research and Tour Facilities Today

It is important for you to go along with your loved one to tour and take a look at the facilities. You do not want your loved one to choose a home that is not right for them and you need to make sure that your parent’s or grandparent’s needs can be met with ease.

The above three challenges are common and many aging seniors go through these phases. It is important for you to be there and provide the support needed to help your family member get through this time.