The Benefits of Rise & Shine and Tuck in Care for Adults | Home Care Charlotte NC

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The Benefits of Rise & Shine and Tuck in Care for Adults | Home Care Charlotte NC

adult care services charlotte ncRise and Shine and Tuck in Care for adults are a relatively new concept being used hand in hand with Companion care services. These services are for the elderly or the disabled who have difficulty going to sleep and waking up at certain times, or even keeping a routine.

A regular wakeup call might be just what some elderly might require to get up in the morning, as otherwise it might become quite bothersome and depressive for them to exert the amount of energy needed into waking up on time. Rise and Shine and Tuck in care are adult care services offered by Charlotte NC and are quite popular among children of the elderly patients, as they allow for the parents to be in good hands. The benefits of these services are many. For example, if an elderly patient is sickly and is gradually sinking into depression, the classic symptoms of these would be lethargy and an inability to keep to routine, as the patient would be prone to being quite antisocial and aggressive. This would require caregivers to offer them the kind of care needed to pull them out of their stupor.

The Rise and Shine service would offer them a strong cup of tea in the morning, a swift reminder about their medication and a plan set out for the day. While these may seem like small gestures, they matter in the long run as they’re exactly what is required in case a patient starts to exhibit symptoms of depression or anti-social behavior. The Tuck in care works in the same way. The service is for the elderly who find it hard to go to sleep at night and become insomniac. The elderly often start to doze off in unlikely places as they reach a certain age, for either lack of energy to climb up the stairs or dozing off on the sofa instead while watching TV. The Tuck in service would mean the caregivers help their patient climb up the stairs, take the necessary medication and get tucked into bed with some extra support, so they’re comfortable in their own space.

Comprehensive Home Care provides unique home care services for adults in the Charlotte NC area. We custom tailor care plans that will fit the needs of your loved ones, providing them much needed support and companionship. Please contact us at 704-333-5214 for more information or request a free in home assessment here.

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