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The Benefits of Tuck in Care | Home Care Charlotte NC











Tuck in care refers to home care service that a caregiver would provide. This service is considered best for such people who are living alone and need some assistance in their daily chores. Tuck in care service is somewhat similar to home care service. Comprehensive Home Care provides home care and tuck in services alike.

Most tuck in services include the tasks which people use to carry out in the evening after a day’s work. This includes preparing evening meals and snacks, assuring safety that all the doors are locked with alarms on the ready in case of any emergency and more. Brief description of tuck in care service is as follows:

  • Preparation of evening meal for the client after he/she returns from a hard day’s work and joins him/her for meal providing assistance.
  • Table clean up and doing the dishes after the meal is a part of the service.
  • Assist the senior persons with their evening bath and cleaning.
  • Prepare their beds and help them to sleep for the night.
  • Service also ensures that when the person is asleep, telephone or any other communication device is within reach in case of any emergency or assistance.
  • Once everything is in order, the caregiver checks the doors and windows whether they’re safely locked or not. Shutting off any unnecessary lights and electric items unless those which are appropriate.
  • Set the alarm. This can be a wake up alarm and also emergency alarm in case of any intruder or thief.

These are just some of the services provided by a tuck in care for home. These tasks and chores are normally performed by household members but the purpose of it is just to assist them carrying these out. A person might be tired after a hard day’s work or needs a time off from the daily chores may opt for tuck in care service.

Do you or a family member need Tuck in Care? Comprehensive Home Care provides the best tuck in care and home care services in Charlotte NC. For more information, please contact us at 704-333-5214 or use this form here to email us for a Free Home Assessment.

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