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For older people who live alone and need some assistance with their chores as well as some good company, tuck in home care services provided by caregivers can be a perfect solution. Tuck in care services are somewhat like home care services provided for old individuals living alone to ensure that they lead a safe, healthy and happy life. At Comprehensive Home Care, both home care and tuck in services are provided to those who need them.

Tuck in services usually include tasks that people carry out in the evening after they get back from a full day’s at work. The timings of tuck in care services also start in the evening. Now that the individuals cannot perform their daily tasks on their own, the caregivers can help them with the chores. Here are some things that are usually included in tuck in care services:

  • Preparation of evening meals for the person and providing assistance during the meal if required for serving
  • Cleaning up table, kitchen and dishes after the dinner is finished
  • Bathing and cleaning assistance for senior persons who can’t manage it alone
  • Preparing their bed and helping them in so that they can go to sleep comfortably
  • Ensuring that phone or some kind of communication device is within the person’s reach while they are sleeping so that they can use it when they need it or in case of an emergency
  • Locking up the house after the client is asleep and closing off all the unnecessary electronics that won’t be used
  • Setting up the alarm for the next day so that their client can wake up at the right time. Also, setting up an emergency alarm to keep away intruders and thieves

There are several other services that can be provided as tuck in care services. While these tasks can be easily performed by house members, they might not always be available or they may be too tired after a full’s day of work. In any case, tuck in care services can ensure that your loved ones are completely safe at home while you are not with them.

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