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Seniors require undivided attention, something you may not be able to do all the time. We offer many services, including concierge services in Charlotte NC to help with your needs!

Senior Care for Special Events

If you need to go away from home for a while and are concerned about the well being of your loved one, you can simply get help from an adult concierge service. The service will locate and assign a care specialist to watch over seniors while you are away. You will be at peace knowing that your loved one is in good hands while you are away.

Dedicated 24-hour Caregivers

Adult concierge services can help locate caregivers who can provide live-in-care for seniors. It is highly important that the care giver is a Certified Nursing Assistant since that will enable them to take care of a senior in case of an emergency situation.  Normally, you will need to do extensive research to locate a reliable caregiver. However, concierge services have caregivers at hand and can assign one for you in a shorter time span.

Help With Daily Errands

The best part about acquiring the services of an adult concierge service is that you can streamline your requirements. Some seniors only require assistance with daily errands. An adult concierge service can locate a caregiver who is certified and trained to take care of the senior in case of emergency situation.

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