The many ways dementia affects the lives of Charlotte NC residents.

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Dementia is one of the disorders common among aging patients. It affects all the main areas of life; cognitive, functional, behavioral and psychological. For many people,  it may become severe enough to warrant needing dementia home care. The reason assistance will ultimately be needed, in one form or another, is that the effects can impact not just the individual, but the entire family as well.

Cognitive degeneration due to dementia.

The impact on cognitive function displays some of the most notable traits associated with dementia patients. Those suffering from it can begin to loose recognition of people and places. Memories become blurred, distorted, or missing entirely. Short term memory becomes weak and inconsistent as well. Dementia patients can forget where they live, their phone number, and even seem so muddled at times they are unsure who they even are. Dementia home care providers in the Charlotte NC area can help families and patients cope with these issues and provide security and support that allows families to have peace of mind.

A decline in a patient’s functional capacity can mean mobility issues.

Every day tasks, such as grooming, cleaning, and eating can become difficult. A loss in fine motor skills can make some activities, such as cooking, dangerous. Slowed reactions and clouded cognitive abilities can lead to many dementia patients being injured or killed without proper supervision. While many opt to transfer loved ones into managed care facilities, companies such as Comprehensive Home care of Charlotte, NC offer dementia home care services that are a much more comfortable and affordable alternative. They can provide an option for families to feel better knowing their loved ones are being looked after in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

How dementia affects the behavioral health of sufferers.

Dementia patients lose most of their social skills that they developed growing up into functioning adults. Coping mechanisms for emotions and proper responsiveness to stimuli vanish. This can lead to dementia patients being verbally and physically aggressive at times. Coping with a frustrated dementia patient can be too much for loved ones. Dementia home care services provide fully trained professionals who can help deal with these types of issues in a calm and effective manner.

Dementia has the greatest personal impact on the patient’s psychological state.

Dementia can lead to extreme changes in personality, anxiety, paranoia, depression, frustration, mood swings, aggression and loss of the will to live or do much in general. Understanding how it can feel to be trapped inside yourself, somewhere deep inside and knowing that something is wrong but still being powerless to control anything anymore, is important for anyone giving dementia home care services. No one likes to feel helpless of forgetful. For people who lived long and robust lives where they accomplished a lot of personal goals, having that independence and ability stripped away through a mental haze can be devastating. Knowing how to cope with the loss of one’s mental faculties is something that only those properly trained are equipped to deal with.


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