What Kinds of Things are Covered with Home Care

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What Kinds of Things are Covered with Home Care

When you hire someone to do certain work for you, you want to make sure that the work that is being done will be done appropriately. But what happens after the service is completed? Is there a warranty in case something happens? What exactly is covered, should something go wrong?

With home care, it should be no different. You honestly and innocently invite someone into your home and allow them into your most private personal bubble. You give that person the permission to invade your personal space, sometimes without you even looking into what they are doing. When you hire a home care assistant, they will need to be that right hand person to get things done with you or for you at home.

We at Comprehensive Home Care, offer to let you know what exactly we cover when offering an assistant to a home. But with any home care, what kinds of things are exactly covered in the service?

The answer to that: mostly anything. In a given situation that you may need to have the assistance for yourself or your loved one, the most simple of things will be covered to make sure everyone is having a great day. From washing dishes, to helping with laundry and cleaning the home, we offer anything that these services can handle.

We understand that people from different cultures and backgrounds need assistance and we want to make sure that we assist anyone and everyone that suffers or has to live with an ailment or a disability. We also spread our love to our senior citizens that need that company and assistance as well. For these occasions, we also agree that having flexibility is very necessary. For someone that lives on their own, being able to remain available for them is a huge vote of confidence for them.

With this flexibility we offer day, night, and hourly companions. We also offer 24 our live in care to assist those that have needs at night. When you have a client that requires a lot of assistance at night, we offer these availabilities as well. We offer what we call a rise and shine service where we assist for a 4 hour wake up and breakfast prep, and then a tuck in service with 4 hours for dinner and preparations for sleep.

We also cover assistance for pets! Although our biggest clients are our fellow human beings, part of this service also allows us to be able to assist with our four legged furry friends and family. Because people consider pets as family as well. Anything from walking to feeding your pet, we will help out in any ways possible.

We at Comprehensive Home Care offer all of these services with a smile and give the best that we can offer with our cleanest helpers. If you are in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, check out our website at https://comprehensivenc.com/ and give us a call for more information. Comprehensive Home Care, we are here to help.

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