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The reason we do what we do…

Reaching a decision about home care can be a very stressful and difficult time in life. Especially when choosing an agency for home care in Charlotte NC for several reasons. First off, there are many different Charlotte home care agencies to choose from in the Charlotte NC area. Secondly, it is a time when independence feels threatened and emotions can run high. Overall, the concern of trying to do the right thing to make sure your loved one is safe and well cared for can be overwhelming.  We know this first hand, which is why we chose to open our own home care agency in Charlotte NC.

home care charlotte ncWhen our Grandfather Hughes’s health began to fail and the stress of caring for him began to take a toll on our Grandmother’s health,  we knew that we needed to find help. Finding the right fit was much more difficult than we imagined.  When you hire professionals in the home care industry; you assume and expect to receive professional services.  As we found out, this is often not the reality.  We found that agencies abused the trust we had placed with them to do the right thing for our Granddad.  Not because they or their caregivers were mean or heartless, more that they never took the time to develop a relationship with our grandparents so that they would understand not only what home care services were needed but the demeanor needed when going into our Grandparent’s home to provide home care services.  Because we have had our own difficulties with home care agencies that we felt viewed our Grandfather as a case not a person, we approach this business in a different way than other home care agencies.  When we begin working with clients and their families we feel that it is a beginning of a relationship, one that we nurture, so that we may truly understand and know the people we are working with.  We also feel that it is a great privilege to be given the trust that we are given by our families, allowing us into their lives and homes, it’s a great responsibility and we take it very seriously.

We feel that we can simplify our philosophy to the 3 R’s

  • Relationships
  • Respect
  • Resolve

Relationships – Unlike other home care agencies in Charlotte NC, we are a family run agency and our relationships with one another are incredibly important to us.  It is not always easy to juggle familial roles with work roles but we have learned communication is the key to success.
When we serve a client and their families we apply the same logic.  We adopt our home care clients into our family and want to build a strong relationship with each and every one of them based on effective communication and respect.  We ask a lot of questions so that we can fully understand each client’s needs and wants and fulfill them with the best possible care in the best possible way for both the client and his or her family.  We believe this focus on relationships sets us apart from other Charlotte home care businesses.

Respect – The basis for every good and effective relationship is respect.  When entrusted with someone’s care we make sure that he or she is treated with dignity and respect.  Respect for the role we have been given in our clients lives is  very important to all of us at Comprehensive Home Care.  We work hard to earn and maintain our clients respect and trust.

Resolve – We resolve daily to provide the best home care in the Charlotte Metro area.  We have worked hard to recruit the best certified Nursing Assistants of all the Charlotte home care businesses in Charlotte NC.  Our home care givers hard work and dedication to their clients is evidenced by the strength of the relationships they build with one another.

Who we are…

Comprehensive Home Care is a family owned and operated by Jay and Sarah Chapman.
We pride ourselves on being the best home care in Charlotte NC business.

Jay Chapman has lived in the Charlotte are for 16 years and is a UNCC graduate with a degree in Environmental Science.  After graduation, Jay began working as an executive recruiter with The Morgan Group.  In 2004 he started his own executive recruiting firm, Hughes and Associates, named after his Grandfather Hughes.

Jay and Sarah have been married for 8 years and take great joy in their 2 daughters and son, Reagan Elizabeth who is 8, Vaida Jayne who is 5 and John William is 2.

home care charlotte nc

Jay, Sarah, Gram, Vaida & Reagan at Reagan’s K4 graduation – May 2011

Jennifer Chapman lives in Charlotte with her husband Jay Garrigan and their 3 dogs Summit Louise, Nigel Lamont and Possum LaRue.   She and Jay Chapman are siblings, the oldest of 6 children.  Having a husband Jay and a brother Jay can sometimes be confusing around the Holidays!  Jennifer graduated from Marshall University with degrees in Sociology and Political Science.

Our Certified Nursing Assistants are the backbone of our agency.  We are very lucky to have such a caring, experienced and dedicated group of people that put us ahead of other home care agencies in Charlotte, NC.

Call us at 704-333-5214 to learn what makes us different from other Charlotte in home care agencies in Charlotte, NC, or click here to request a Free Home Assessment.

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