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The 5 Stages of Parkinson’s Disease and How Home Care Can Help Through Each

More likely to strike men, and more prevalent than MS, muscular dystrophy, and ALS combined, Parkinson’s disease is diagnosed in as many as 7 – 10 million people worldwide, with an additional 600,000 Americans diagnosed each year. And although each individual’s experience with Parkinson’s differs in level of severity, there are five main stages of progression that are routinely experienced by all.   In honor of Parkinson’s Awareness Month, Comprehensive Home Care shares the facts below to help you better understand the stages of Parkinson’s disease:  […]

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Charlotte, NC Home Care Experts Share Top Exercise Tips for Seniors

Participating in an ongoing exercise plan is challenging at any age. Exercising is exhausting. We don’t seem to have the time it takes. We’re still sore from yesterday’s workout. All of us have made excuses like these for not exercising; but frailty and aging make it even more difficult to commit to an exercise plan. […]

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Try These Elderly Exercise Ideas to Help Seniors Thrive!

Throughout the aging process, the benefits of exercise continue to outweigh any barriers faced, and it’s vital for older adults’ overall health and wellbeing to maintain as active a lifestyle as possible. And while it’s particularly challenging for seniors who are confined to a bed or wheelchair to exercise, there are still plenty of elderly […]

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Is Elderly Hoarding Impacting Your Senior Loved One? Here’s How to Help.

Do you have a loved one who struggles with elderly hoarding? Is this situation becoming increasingly difficult to manage? Are you concerned? Pathological or compulsive hoarding, officially known as disposophobia, is much more than just collecting or living with clutter. It’s the excessive gathering of objects, regardless of whether these objects have any value or […]

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Signs that Your Loved One May Need Senior Home Care

“I do NOT want to move to a nursing home!” This is an often-heard sentiment expressed by many seniors, even when they’re beginning to experience some difficulty managing at home on their own. And who can blame them? Home is where older adults most often feel comfortable and safe. They know where everything is and […]

4 Situations When Home Care is Beneficial

When a loved one of yours becomes disabled, you have several different ways to care for them ranging from nursing homes to home care. When looking for the best service, there are some times when providing your loved one with home care is the best option. A home care company in Charlotte NC can give […]

4 Ways Home Care is Better than a Nursing Home

Nursing homes are necessary, but sometimes they are not what your loved one needs. The problem with nursing homes is that sometimes your family believes that you are being cared for, and then will occasionally visit. So when it comes to proper care for your disabled loved one, you should try to find a home […]

What Types of Illnesses Require Home Care

Having a family member fall victim to an illness is always unfortunate. The levels of family stress dramatically increase and there is a lot of pressure on you to do the right thing, despite not knowing what that is. So when such an event occurs, you should find a home care company in Charlotte NC […]

Ask These Questions Before Hiring a Home Care Specialist

When we think about putting our elderly loved ones in a nursing home facility, we begin to think of the negative experiences we’ve seen displayed on television shows and or perhaps someone that may have had previous knowledge of them. The Comprehensive Home Care agency in Charlotte, NC is a professional home care agency that […]

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Most Common Challenges The Elderly Face in Transition to Assisted Living

When your parents or grandparents transition into an assisted living facility, they may experience challenges that arise within their first couple of days throughout their first year. It is normal for any aging adult to experience a challenge here or there especially since they are moving into a new environment and they are no longer […]