Special Event Care

At Comprehensive Home Care Charlotte, NC we feel inclusion in special occasions is very important for our loved ones that may need a bit more attention or help.  Special event care is a great option for inclusion of a loved one that needs a bit more attention in a situation when family caregivers may have less time. These home care services in charlotte nc may be provided at any variety of venues, events and outings.

For example, our Grandmother is very aware, but she is in her late 80’s and is not able to get around as easily as she once could.  We have had several destination weddings in our family in recent years. It was incredibly helpful to have a caregiver to provide assistance in her bathing, grooming, making sure she was able get to meals on time in an unfamiliar place and helping her get to the various activities that surrounds a wedding.  She was able to enjoy the event and others had fewer responsibilities to juggle.  It was a much more relaxed experience for her and us.


Another example of a time home care services can be a great benefit – the Holidays.  When hosting gatherings it is wonderful to know that someone is there to help our Grandmother.  She is able to have help bathing and dressing in a timely fashion i.e. she does not have to get ready 4 hours earlier as she would with our assistance and then wait until the time of the event while we take care of the last minute details. She is able to arrive at the same time other guests do and enjoy socializing.  It is a more pleasant time for her and quite frankly for us!


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