Surgical Care

Comprehensive Home Care Charlotte NC provides a variety of Surgical Care home care services.  Our services range from simply transporting clients to and from the surgery centers and helping them settle in once they are home to extended home care during recuperation.

Pre & Post Operative Care: – Comprehensive Home Care’s pre & post operative home care service begins with transportation to the surgical center or hospital.  Our home care aide can either stay during your surgery or come back to be with you in the recovery room.   Usually, while you are in surgery the home care aide will run pharmacy errands so when you are released it will be a trip home with no stops.  The home care aide will care for you following the post operative instructions and take you back for your follow up appointment.  We will provide continued home care if needed during recuperation.

Plastic Surgery: Comprehensive Home Care is the preferred home care provider for one of the areas premier plastic surgery centers.  We have taken care of people who have come from across the country.  We can take care of our plastic surgery clients in their own home or in a hotel suite. When our clients are from out of town, we have a discussion regarding food preferences and dietary needs prior to beginning services so we have the appropriate food for meals.   Most often this works one of two ways, we either pick you up from your home or hotel and take you to the surgery center or we will meet you in the recovery room. We receive your post operative instructions from the nurse, transport you home or to your hotel room, stay with you over night then return you the next day for your post operative appointment.  At that time, if you need further care we continue to provide home care for you or if you are given the okay from the doctor and feel okay, we return you to your home or hotel.

Same Day Surgery:  We have provided home care services for clients undergoing a variety of same day surgeries such as arthroscopic, oral, eye etc. How it often works: Comprehensive Home Care will meet with you at your home and transport you to the surgery center.  While you are in surgery we will pick up any medications needed from the pharmacy and return to be with you in the recovery room.  We will receive your post operative care instructions and transport you home.  If necessary, we will provide continued home care through the evening then return you to your post operative appointment the next day.  We also provide continued home care for those clients who need assistance while recovering as well as assistance with errands and transportation.

Hospital Care:  Comprehensive Home Care has often been called to provide hospital care for a client at times that family members are unable to be there.  Usually, this is overnight, while the clients family member is at work or when the clients family lives out of town.  If need be, we are able to return home with a client while he or she recuperates so family members are able to continue work or if they are from out of town, return home knowing their loved one is receiving the home care he or she needs.  We work with you to develop the best home care plan.

Recuperative Care: Comprehensive Home Care offers recuperative care home care services for clients recovering from surgery, accidents or illness.  This care can be as little as helping with bathing, food preparation and transportation or errands or as great as 24 hour care.  We work with the client and the clients family to develop the appropriate home care plan.

Assistance while in PT: Comprehensive Home Care provides assistance for clients undergoing Physical Therapy. We will transport and assist in ambulation to Physical Therapy appointments, as well as assist with errands and other home care needs while a client is continuing to heal and regain mobility.

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