4 Situations When Home Care is Beneficial

When a loved one of yours becomes disabled, you have several different ways to care for them ranging from nursing homes to home care. When looking for the best service, there are some times when providing your loved one with home care is the best option. A home care company in Charlotte NC can give you the medical attention that your patient needs, while staying in a place that is comfortable and familiar. Here are a few situations when home care is beneficial.

You Cannot Afford a Nursing Home

Nursing homes have their disadvantages, but they are necessary for many disabled people. However, if you cannot afford a nursing home, then home care might be your only option. Home care in Charlotte involves a nurse visiting your house for a few hours a day and making sure your disabled loved one is doing alright. This might require a bit a self-sacrifice on behalf of your family, but if your patient needs the care, then you should provide it.

You Want Your Family to Stay Together

If keeping your loved one in their home is important to you, then there is no reason you should not be able to have that. Allowing the patient to stay at home is the reason behind home care, so if the service is there, then it should be utilized. Some people do not want to put their family members in a nursing home for various reasons, and that’s very understandable. So if want to keep your family together, then home care is right for you.

You Want More Personalized Care

When you hire a home care company in Charlotte NC, one nurse will be assigned to assist your disabled family member. This could result in a better patient/nurse relationship that could be more beneficial for both people. Your loved one will know that the nurse assisting them will know exactly what they need at what time, and the nurse will have fewer patients to work with. Therefore, this could help their relationship become more personal, and a greater human element will be added to this relationship.

You Only Need a Nurse for a Few Hours a Day

When you have a family member in a nursing home, they have many different assistants and nurses and receive constant assistance. This might be unnecessary for some people and only need a nurse’s assistance for a few hours a day. So if you want your family to play a bigger role in the assistance of your disabled family member, then you have that option. They are still part of your family, and if you want to play a big role in their recovery, then a nurse will allow you to do that.

So these are a few situations when home care can be very beneficial. Hiring a home care company will give you a lot of freedom, so you can be sure you are making the best choice for your loved one and their recovery. So when you are trying to pick a home care company in Charlotte, you should consider Comprehensive Home Care. They offer many different types of services, including service for the elderly and for children. They will give you the service that you need, and will be a shred of light on you loved one’s recovery.

4 Ways Home Care is Better than a Nursing Home

Nursing homes are necessary, but sometimes they are not what your loved one needs. The problem with nursing homes is that sometimes your family believes that you are being cared for, and then will occasionally visit. So when it comes to proper care for your disabled loved one, you should try to find a home care company in Charlotte. Nursing homes should be avoided when possible, so here are four reasons why home care is better than a nursing home.

Your Loved One Can Stay In a Familiar Environment

When your loved one is becoming more dependent, they are already going through a lot emotionally. So if it is possible, you should do what you can to keep them in their own house. They may be dependent, but at least they are familiar with their surroundings, which should make the recovery process easier. Having a nurse come by for a few hours won’t compromise the quality of their health care, so this should make home care in Charlotte seem appealing.

They Will Get Lots of Attention

When someone calls a home care company is Charlotte NC, they will be treated by a nurse who will care for them for several hours a day. This type of service will ensure that one person will know exactly what your loved one needs, so you will not have to worry about communication errors. Also, this type of one and one attention will help build a relationship between your loved one and the nurse, so the nurse may not see your loved one as just another patient.

They Are Surrounded By Family and Friends

When you get home care for your loved one, then the nurse cannot do everything. Many family and friends will have to pitch in to show support, cook, clean, and be there if anything goes wrong. This will give your loved on a better opportunity to be surrounded by family and friends and not to depend entirely on strangers. Nursing homes are infamous having elderly people without anyone to visit them. You should do whatever is best for your loved one, and hiring a home care company in Charlotte would be ideal.

Home Care is More Cost Efficient

As stated before, home care is basically having a nurse visit your house for a few hours each day; family and friends must offer a lot of services. When you send someone to a nursing home, you will be paying for the facility, food, additional nurses, and many other services. Most of the time, hiring one nurse is all you need, so as long as some people are willing to care for their loved one, home care is the better option.

So home care has many advantages over nursing homes. They provide equal if not better care for your loved one, you know that they will be getting lots of attention, and it’s more cost efficient. So when you are looking for a home care company around Charlotte NC, then you should consider Comprehensive Home Care. They offer many different home care services, and will be willing to accommodate to your needs. They have great service and want to be a part of your loved one’s recovery.

Most Common Challenges The Elderly Face in Transition to Assisted Living

When your parents or grandparents transition into an assisted living facility, they may experience challenges that arise within their first couple of days throughout their first year. It is normal for any aging adult to experience a challenge here or there especially since they are moving into a new environment and they are no longer in their home. If you have a parent or grandparent who is ready to move into an independent care facility, consider the following common challenges so that you can be prepared.

A Loss of Independence

One of the biggest challenges for seniors is they may feel like they are losing their independence. While this is not true, it is common for seniors who are new to the assisted living environment to feel as though they are giving up their life or that they have surrendered themselves.

To overcome this challenge, it is important for you to speak with your loved one and let them know that their life has not changed much other than where they live. Your parent or grandparent will still be able to do the things they love, make their own food, and live their own life. The biggest difference between an assisted living facility and home life is that your loved one will be receiving care when they need it.

Adjusting to Their New Life

Another common challenge that the elderly face is adjusting to their new life. Your family member must understand that they live in a community now and they are not alone. It is common for your loved one to feel as though they are lonely even though they are not. Some elderly residents need time to get used to the changes that are going on from having meals cooked for them to living in a smaller area. It does take time, but they will be able to overcome it and adjust well.

Understanding Change in Their Bodies

Lastly, the elderly are often faced with challenges when it comes to changes that happen in their body. If your family member is going blind or they are losing their mobility, they may begin to feel as though they no longer have independence. Some residents experience outbursts and they do not want to accept the fact that things are changing. This is normal and it is important for you to listen to them and reassure them that they are in the best place for this.

Research and Tour Facilities Today

It is important for you to go along with your loved one to tour and take a look at the facilities. You do not want your loved one to choose a home that is not right for them and you need to make sure that your parent’s or grandparent’s needs can be met with ease.

The above three challenges are common and many aging seniors go through these phases. It is important for you to be there and provide the support needed to help your family member get through this time.