Signs that Your Loved One May Need Senior Home Care

“I do NOT want to move to a nursing home!” This is an often-heard sentiment expressed by many seniors, even when they’re beginning to experience some difficulty managing at home on their own. And who can blame them? Home is where older adults most often feel comfortable and safe. They know where everything is and they can enjoy their own individual routines. They may have friends and family who live close by, who enhance their quality of life. But if you have concerns about your senior loved one’s ability to remain living safely at home, it may be time to assess the best possible solution.

The questions below, courtesy of the Charlotte senior home care experts at Comprehensive Home Care, can help you determine if your loved one is as safe as possible or if he or she could benefit from some extra help:

Weight Loss

  • Has your senior loved one lost weight unintentionally over the past several months?
  • Is she able to manage picking up groceries and preparing meals?
  • Does she prepare meals safely, remembering to turn off the oven or stove?
  • Does she complain about how food tastes?
  • Is she drinking sufficient amounts of water and other fluids during the day to prevent dehydration, especially during the hot summer months?

Personal Hygiene

  • Is your senior loved one adequately maintaining her hygiene?
  • Can she take care of her laundry, bathing, grooming, and toileting needs sufficiently?


  • Does your senior loved one take medications?
  • Does she remember to take them exactly when and as prescribed?
  • Can she read the labels and does she understand what each medicine is for?
  • Is she physically able to swallow pills, or otherwise use them as they are intended (i.e. creams, drops, etc.)?


  • Is the home free of clutter, which can be a tripping or falling hazard?
  • Could your senior loved one call for help if she were to fall?
  • Are there grab bars in the shower/bath, and are banisters and handrails on stairways fastened securely?
  • Is there sufficient lighting to allow her to safely get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or kitchen?
  • Do you notice any cuts, bruises, scrapes, or burns that could have been caused by a fall or other unexplained circumstance?
  • Is the kitchen clean enough to safely prepare food?
  • Is your loved one taking multiple medications from multiple doctors and/or does she use multiple pharmacies?

Emotional, Psychological and Cognitive

  • Does your senior loved one appear to be depressed or anxious?
  • Is she staying social as much as possible, whether in person or through the Internet or by phone?
  • If she’s religious, is she continuing to attend services or programs available to her?
  • Is she still enjoying hobbies that interested her before?
  • Is she forgetful? Unusually loud or agitated?
  • Are her finances in order?

This list of questions may seem overwhelming at first, but senior home care services like those provided by Comprehensive Home Care can help. Our professional Charlotte home care team can evaluate your senior loved one’s situation and provide suggestions and solutions, giving you and your loved one peace of mind. Our trained in-home care staff can provide companionship, perform light housekeeping tasks, prepare nutritious meals, and more. We can even coordinate services between various health care providers.

Contact us at 704-333-5214 for a free in-home assessment and see how we can help your loved one age with grace in the comfort of home.