Dementia Care Charlotte: Activities to do with Alzheimer’s Patients

Dementia is a disease that affects people causing them to lose control of key brain functions. This disease affects memory, thinking ability and the power to make a judgment as well as language and behavior. If you have a patient who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, it’s important to make sure that they get proper care from dementia care Charlotte experts who are able to facilitate a comfortable and happy life. Alzheimer’s patients are unable to perform many activities on their own and, therefore, require supervision from qualified Dementia home care specialists in Charlotte NC to provide professional care and attention. It’s is important to note that each patient has their own unique requirements, and this demands specialized assisted services that will enable them to comfortably go about their activities.

For instance, those with limited mobility need the help from a Dementia home care specialist in Charlotte NC, such as Comprehensive Home Care, to help them around and take them out for shopping. Those with memory loss require help to remember significant events such as birthdays, anniversaries and information on the current date, month, year and names of family members. For seniors suffering from this disease, it’s important for Dementia home care specialists in Charlotte NC to engage them in activities that foster proper brain functioning and boost memory capabilities. Games, puzzles and other fun activities are known to provide impeccable results and enable patients to significantly witness improved health.

Top Activities Dementia home care specialists, Comprehensive NC, in Charlotte NC  recommends for Dementia Patients

–       Assist patients to successfully complete crossword puzzles or word search games. Doing this helps them to maintain their language and vocabulary ability.

–       Doing Jigsaw puzzle games keeps their brains active and enables dementia patient to develop memory retention skills which are critical for the recovery process.

–       Help them put together a scrapbook to keep an account of important family history, events and note down names of family members with their respective photographs.

–       Dementia care Charlotte specialists can introduce picture matching games and allow patients to put their abilities to a task by finding the correct picture combinations.

–       If a dementia patient loves cooking or baking, the best place to keep them busy would be in the kitchen baking cookies or helping them out to prepare their favorite recipes.

–       Listening to music and having the patient give the title of the song, and the artist is a perfect strategy to test and encourage them to remember information.

–       Lack of exercise is not good and qualified dementia care Charlotte specialists stress the need to take their patients on short walks.

–       Facilitate an individual to keep their writing skills alive by drafting letters for their family, friends and relatives.

–       Reading loudly from their favorite books also enables them to listen and improve on their reading skills.

–       Other fun activities include painting with watercolors.