Senior Home Care: Diffusing Family Disagreements

As a senior home care provider, chances are that at some point in time you may find yourself in the middle of a family disagreement. Whether it is a confused client or medical emergency, there can sometimes be a misunderstanding between family members and the senior home care provider.

General causes for family tension in senior home care

An aspect that can be most challenging in senior home care is sensitive family events. This can be due to the demands involved with this task such as those of a physical, financial and emotional nature. When family tension is approached in the correct manner, it is possible to diffuse the situation effectively without any of the parties involved having to feel offended. The most general causes for family tension include:

  • The burden of senior home care. This means that care is not distributed evenly through the family, and one adult may feel the burden of such care of an elderly rests solely on his/her shoulders. When this happens, it is possible that the “primary” caregiver feels some resentment towards the rest of the family members.
  • Disagreeing over the capabilities and condition of an elder in senior home care. You may think your elderly parent is no longer fit to drive a vehicle while others may argue it creates independence. If no common ground can be found, this may result in a huge disagreement and subsequent tension.
  • Disagreeing over practical or financial matters. The funding necessary to pay for senior home care is often stressful in itself. To add fuel to the fire, some family members may feel they cannot carry the burden due to financial restraints while others may argue they cannot carry the financial burden alone.

Tips to assist families of senior home care to diffuse disagreements

As the senior home care provider, we let each member of the family to have a turn explaining their individual positions. We care about your family, your wants and your feelings. Once everyone had a chance, the discussion may begin. All viewpoints are equally important; therefore compassion for one another’s circumstances is necessary. We at Comprehensive Home Care can help you and your family find common ground to help ease the situation of any disagreements.