Options in Senior Living and How to Make the Transition Easier

The term “senior living” always seems to be thrown around but despite its widespread use, it is a term that is often misunderstood and misused. This term covers many varied and important aspects of caring for the elderly and encompasses assisted living, nursing homes, board and home care facilities, and  many others. There are many options available for those wanting to find a place for an elderly parent or loved one as well as someone who wants to find a rewarding career in this field. When it comes to finding the best options, there are two main divisions that you can look at for your career in the nursing and elderly care facility.


Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living facilities offer a wide range of benefits and they also generally provide a good selection of services and amenities that are designed for elderly care patients. The services you can expect to be a part of when working at an assisted living facility are designed specifically to help the residents live a happy, healthy, and semi-independent life. Assisted living facilities are ideal for individuals who can still take care of themselves and who are able to perform day to day tasks without much help. Many seniors prefer to stay at an assisted living facility because they want to be independent and have control over their own lives. This option helps the patient and the family by providing peace of mind that residents can live their life and enjoy life without the fear of things like falling and being alone for days or weeks at a time. If you decide to go into this area of nursing care, you will need to be kind, patient, understanding, supportive, easy going, soft spoken, and outgoing.

Board and Home Care Facilities

A board and home care facilities is another variation of assisted living that provides a higher level of help and assistance. It is an ideal choice for those individuals who needs more care and attention when it comes to their day to day living and activities.  Board and home care facilities offer more assistance and help than the traditional assisted living facility. Residents often need help with every aspect of living including getting dressed, bathing, eating, cooking, walking, taking medications, and other routine activities. They are a better choice than a nursing home or an assisted living facility because there are far more staff members and far fewer residents.


Know When a Move is Necessary and Making it Easier

One of the hardest things a family member has to do is make the decision to place a loved one in an assisted living or care facility. It is hard and many people live in denial for far too long before making the decision. As a nurse or assistant at one of these facilities, you can help families adjust to the idea and the new life their loved one is living. Many families just want to know that they are doing the right thing and that they are making the best decision for their elderly parent or loved one.


  • When a loved one is unable to dress, change, bathe, use the bathroom, and take care of themselves, it is likely time to look into some form of home or care facility for them.
  • Vision issues are one of the most common reasons for injury among seniors. If your loved one cannot see they stand a very strong chance of hurting themselves as they try to get around in their home.
  • Falling can be devastation for the elderly but you can put an end to the worry and give everyone peace of mind by looking into a senior living care center.
  • If your loved one is gaining weight or losing weight in an unhealthy manner it can be a sign of unhealthy eating, which can be a major concern if it is left unaddressed.
  • Memory is often one of the first things to get fuzzy with age and if your loved one has trouble remember medications or is constantly taking wrong doses, getting help from a senior living facility could be exactly what you and your loved one needs.


It is never an easy choice to put a loved one in a home care facility or assisted living facility, but it sometimes is the best thing for them and when they realize this they will be more open to the idea of moving out of their home. Comprehensive Home Care, experts in senior care, can help families making decisions regarding moving seniors. Contact us for more information.