Signs Your Loved One’s Dementia is Getting Worse


The thought of a loved one developing dementia is scary to anyone, yet it happens all too frequently. If you have noticed the early signs of dementia and started using professional Charlotte NC senior care services already, then you are good to go on the health care front. However, you do need to know the signs and symptoms to look for so that you know when your loved one’s dementia is getting worse. Read on for those signs below.

Each person who has dementia shows symptoms in their own individual way. The symptoms that you and the aid for your loved ones dementia home care in Charlotte, NC should look for are listed below.

These symptoms do not always mean that the patient is in the later stages, but they do need to be looked out for.

Memory Loss

Memory loss in the later stages of dementia is usually severe. The patient may not recognize people that are extremely close to him and may even not recognize themselves in the mirror. It is possible, that your loved one will start to live in the past and think that you are someone from that past.

Problems Communicating

In later dementia, your loved one may have a hard time communicating with you or stop communicating altogether. They may utter a single word every now and then or even cry out. Remember, however, that verbal language is only one form of communication and your loved one may be able to tell you what they want through gestures, so pay attention.

Eating and Weight Loss

It is possible for someone in the later stages of dementia to eat too much and put on weight. However, in many cases the weight loss can become drastic. It is possible for your loved one to forget how to chew and swallow; at this point, you need to look further into dementia home care in Charlotte, NC, if you have not already.

Behavior that is Unusual

In the later stages of dementia, many patients may act strangely. This puzzling behavior will be different for every patient. However, here are some of the most common unusual behaviors.

  • The patient may become agitated and confused mostly in the afternoon and the early evening. This is often referred to as sundowning.
  • Often the patient can become aggressive and aggravated if they feel threatened or they are confused about what is going on around him
  • It is possible for the patient to have hallucinations as well.
  • It is possible for the patient to start feeling restless because they need exercise as well

These are just a few of the signs to look for when your loved one has dementia. Just remember that these symptoms do not have to mean that your loved one is in the latter stages. These are just signs to let you know that their symptoms are worsening and you may need to get professional Charlotte NC senior care services to help you cope as soon as possible.