Three Signals That Your Family Member’s Dementia Requires Outside Help

Coping with a loved one with dementia can be hard and as the disease progresses it can lead to burnout for the family caregiver. At some point, every family caregiver has to admit that they need outside help to continue taking care of the person that they love. Below you will find three signals that your family member’s dementia may need outside help from senior care Charlotte professionals like Comprehensive Home Care.

Your Health is Suffering

If you have started to lose weight, not eating right, and staying sick a lot of the time, it may be time to call in a dementia home care Charlotte, NC professional to help you care for your loved one with dementia. There is no shame in admitting that you need some help. The later stages of dementia can be extremely hard and if your health is suffering you need to take care of yourself first. Having someone come in from the outside to help you with your loved one can help you be a better caregiver as well.

You also need to take time to play, stay active, and spend time with the rest of your family. If you find that all you do is take care and worry about your loved one, you need to look into hiring a senior care Charlotte professional to help you.

You Find that You are Angry

If you find that you are irritated and angry with your loved one all of the time, it is time to get help. It is quite common as the disease progresses for you to get angry that there is no cure for the dementia that your loved one is suffering. It is also common for you to feel like turning that anger and frustration back on the one that you love. Make sure that you hire someone to help you before it comes to that point.

While you are waiting for an agency to send you some outside help, you need to take a long walk when you feel that you are getting frustrated and angry. It is also possible that if you try to talk it out with another family member and have him or her give you a break, that you will get a fresh perspective and be more able to deal with your loved one. It is best to employ outside help when you start to feel this way about the person that you love with this awful disease.

You are Exhausted

If you find yourself dreading going to take care of your loved one, then it’s time to bring in outside help. Also, if you fall asleep anytime you sit down and are constantly worn down, you need to admit it and get the help you need.

These are just three signals that you need to bring in outside help to help care for your loved one with dementia. From being exhausted to being irritated with the patient, it’s best to be safe and hire professionals in senior care Charlotte families fully trust like Comprehensive Home Care.