Benefits of Laughter in Senior Care in Charlotte NC

As we grow older learning and recall abilities become further degraded. It, therefore, becomes essential to practice memory enhancing techniques. Cortisol a stress hormone has been blamed for degraded recall abilities among the elderly. Research on the effect of humor on the memory capabilities of the elderly has yielded positive findings. The research findings on a recent study in Loma Linda University in California indicate that it is possible to improve the memory of the elderly by maintaining a humorous mood. This has created useful insight in senior care in Charlotte NC, to ensure seniors have a great time while maintaining their health also.

How Laughter Works to Improve Senior Care in Charlotte NC

Laughter is vital in reducing the level of cortisol hormones in the brain and thus relieves stress. This enables senior society members to be able to recall fun and memorable moments in their lives. Laughter raises dopamine and endorphins levels in the brain and thus creates a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that further enhances the general emotional wellbeing of the elderly. This effectively raises the quality of life of these individuals and can be vital in improving their attitude to life among others.

Healthwise, laughter is vital in improving the general wellbeing of seniors. When incorporated in senior care in Charlotte NC laughter can have essential health benefits. Laughter increases heart rate and enhances blood circulation this is beneficial for better oxygen intake. These health effects have been linked with a reduction in the risk of heart attacks and stroke.  

Laughter and humor have also been found to lengthen the lives of the elderly. A study conducted in Norway at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology showed that developing a sense of humor over several years can have a positive effect in the general well-being of elderly individuals and thus lower the mortality rate. This is a useful fact when it comes to effective senior care in Charlotte NC that promotes better care for the elderly by developing a warm environment for important health gains. 

Research in Australia on the effect of laughter on the emotional and physical wellbeing of seniors suffering from chronic conditions further emphasize the importance of humor in senior care in Charlotte NC. The findings indicate that those exposed to humor for up to 12 weeks were in a better emotional condition for up to 26 weeks later. 

While it is important to create a humorous environment around the elderly to harness the health benefits associated with laughter; it is important to ensure that the jokes are positive and clean. Sarcastic jokes may be negative and at times misunderstood. This would be counterproductive. Comprehensive Home Care caregivers appreciate how important humor is to the health status of seniors and appreciates that care should be taken in this endeavor.