What Types of Illnesses Require Home Care

Having a family member fall victim to an illness is always unfortunate. The levels of family stress dramatically increase and there is a lot of pressure on you to do the right thing, despite not knowing what that is. So when such an event occurs, you should find a home care company in Charlotte NC for your needs. So it is necessary to do whatever it takes to help your family member recover from their condition. Here are a few illnesses that will require you to choose home care for your loved one.


When someone has osteoporosis, they will have many back problems and will have trouble walking. So if you have a loved that makes you worry whenever they walk, then you should consider home care. When they are at home, they are already comfortable with their environment, and there will not be as many people walking around them. Walking is already difficult for them, so it would be best to find home care in Charlotte to accommodate their needs.


It’s extremely unfortunate when a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and you know that your life is going to change a lot. Thankfully there is home care in Charlotte that specializes in taking care of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Whether you need personal care, or you just want someone by their side at all times, then you should be able to give them the best service possible. Also, since they are suffering through memory loss, it would be best to keep them in a place they are familiar with.

Stroke Victims

Strokes are a very sensitive topic when it comes to caring for them. There brain has been partially damaged, and you don’t know how long it will take for them to recover. Therefore it’s best to find a home care in Charlotte for their benefit. Since their brain won’t be functioning at a top notch state, it would be better to surround them with family and friends than to put them in a nursing home that they have never been to before and that is full of strangers.

Mental Illnesses

Home care would be the most appropriate option for anyone suffering from mental illness. When someone has a mental illness, their brain is working the best it can, so it is in your loved one’s interest to keep their environment as familiar as possible. Also, it might be better for them to be treated by one nurse instead of many, because this gives them a better opportunity to build a relationship with their home care assistant, and could make things better during this difficult time.

So these are only some of the illnesses that would make home care a better option than a nursing home. The people suffering through these types of illnesses are going through a lot, so home care would be better for them in so many different ways. So when you are looking for quality home care in Charlotte, then you should consider hiring Comprehensive Home Care. They offer many different types of home care that will be of great benefit to your loved one. From personal care to companion care, they will be able to offer you the best service you can find.

Planning a Family Meeting to Discuss Home Care

Home care is oftentimes used to provide the care of a loved one whom is unable to fully provide for themselves, yet still stable and mentally sound enough to be at home and out of the nursing home. For many people this type of care provides far greater happiness and prolongs their lifetime and that is just the start of the exciting benefits. Even still there are drawbacks that must be considered if this is a method of care that you are considering. Before deciding if home care is the right option for your loved one it is important to plan a family meeting with the immediate members of your family. This is a big decision that you’re making and everyone should be able to voice their thoughts, concerns and hopes freely, with one another’s opinions taken into careful consideration of the final decision.


Preparing for a Family Meeting

When preparing for your family meeting make sure that you inform family members as far in advance as possible. Everyone’s schedules differ, and sometimes it can be difficult to find a time when everyone is able to come together. When informing family members of the meeting you should plan for a two -hour time slot, although it might take slightly less time. You can achieve this feat, however, by planning in advance. Once a time has been arranged when everyone can get together, choose a location for the meeting. If your home is large enough this is perfectly fine. It should be cozy and comfy so everyone is able to talk openly. Make sure that the loved one being considered for home care is present during the meeting. After all, it is him or her that will be receiving the care, thus their say so really matters the most. Also, the home care agency caregiver or staff member should be present to help you learn more about the service and the different  options available to you.


Things to Discuss at the Family Meeting

Several things should be discussed at the family meeting. First is the cost. Insurance will usually not cover the costs of this type of care so it is the responsibility of the family (and other loved ones) to cover the fees. Consider how you will pay, how much each person can put forth, etc. Also take into consideration during your meeting:

  • How long/often will you require home care for your loved one? You can arrange services for part-time or full-time, or on as –needed basis.
  • Is your loved one still capable of partially caring for themselves? Patients who are best-suited for in-home services are those who still have such capabilities.
  • Discuss with the caregiver the needs of your loved ones. Caregivers can provide a little or they can provide a lot, depending upon your needs. You should ensure that you discuss this; however, to ensure the chosen agency is capable of handling those needs. Not all agencies provide the same levels of care.
  • Give each family member time to ask their own questions as they arise

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