Warning Signs of Dementia

Many people wonder about their health symptoms. You may be concerned with your loved one. Knowing what the warning signs of dementia are can help you to reduce your risks in the long term and improve your chances of getting help sooner. Below are some of the most commonly seen indications of dementia.

Memory loss

Everyone forgets things from time to time. However, one of the most common signs of dementia is significant memory loss. This includes forgetting information just learned, forgetting important dates, and increasingly needing to have notes or electronic devices on hand to remember information. Many people note that this will be “out of the normal” for their loved ones.

Struggling to complete tasks

Another indication of a concern has to do with the tasks people manage on a daily basis. Those who have difficulty completing familiar tasks are often at a higher risk. This may happen at home, at work, or even for leisure activities. If you cannot do things that you used to do, this could be a warning sign. This may include getting to locations, managing finances, or playing a game.

Solving problem limitations

Another clear indication of these challenges has to do with problem solving skills. Many people begin to develop complications related to tracking information, concentrating, or keeping track of payments. They may struggle with these tasks even if they are ones that are known and performed previously.

Time and place confusion

Over time, those with dementia will begin to struggle with issues related to time and place. For example, they may lose track of dates or be unable to remember what time it is. They may lose blocks of time. In some situations, they forget how they got somewhere or when they have an appointment even if this information was communicated just a short time ago. This may worsen over time.

Speaking or writing difficulties

Often times, you will notice a person pulling out of social activities. This may be due to their difficulty in speaking and carrying on in conversation. Some people struggle in the middle of a conversation and just give up. They may repeat themselves several times. Others will find that writing, even if they did so significantly, becomes difficult to do. Additionally, vocabulary may become “lost.” For example, they may forget what something is called. They may struggle to remember a word for something that is common or that the use each day. This is more than just losing focus, but doing this on a regular basis, and worsening over time.

If you find that your loved one has some of these or other warning signs of dementia, it may be time to reach out for help. Getting Alzheimer’s care Charlotte services from Comprehensive Home Care may help. Finding dementia home care in Charlotte, NC does not have to be hard, but it can be one of the most reassuring steps you can take for your loved one and for yourself.